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Air Jet and Vacuum Cleaning Machine is an excellent machine for washing the vials and bottles of the automatic dry syrup powder filling line. These machines are available in different models offering an output of 30 to 60 Bottles/ Min and 60 to 120 Bottles/ Min on the basis of their size.

Our vials and bottles are fed in the erect position on a un-scrambler and then are fed into the feed worm, where they are mechanically upturned. Then the coordinated star wheel feed the vial/ bottle one at a time via the chamber under negative pressure. A series of nozzles blow the air in the vial/bottle at a very high pressure. The dust ejected is accumulated in dust collector box via the exhaust fan.

It is then again fed via the coordinated star wheel and feed worm. It is inverted and thoroughly cleaned in the vertical position for next process. Once the entire process is complete the vials or bottles come back to the original position and line.

Salient Features:

  • Machine offers 8 air washes
  • The parts in contact are composed of SS 304
  • The frame covers & non contact parts are also composed of SS 304
  • Rapid change over with least usage of tools
  • Apt for dry Syrup, Tablets, and Capsule etc
  • Over load clutch is offered to avoid machine jam problem

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