We are one of the prominent companies in India manufacturing high quality and supreme performance ROPP Screw Capping Machine. This machine is highly useful for diverse industries such as pharmaceutical industries, liquor industries, food industries, cosmetic industries, and fertilizer & pesticide industries as well as health supplement industries for tight capping & sealing, the vials and bottles of products.

Dry Syrup Powder are constantly filled from filling machine to the flat conveyor belt of sealing machine and shift further via Infeed worm for exact spacing between two bottles. They are then moved to the in-feed star wheel. When the Bottle enters beneath the sealing head, consisting of total four rollers, two rollers appropriately Skirts, Spins and Seals the cap and at the same time two other rollers execute threading precisely as per the bottle neck diameter. After the sealing operation, sealing head shifts up with aid of cam and the bottle moves with exit star wheel for the next process.

These machines are designed by experts and are engineered precisely as per the designs for offering high and reliable functionality. Since we manufacture them with high grade materials and components employing the latest technology as per the norms of the industry our product are robust, highly resistant to impact, abrasion & corrosion, have excellent tensile strength.  They are also user-friendly as they are easy and quick setting. They are also low noisy and energy efficient as well as cost-effective. Our Roll on Pilfer Proof cap sealing machine is extremely durable. We offer them at very affordable price rates.

Pharma Machine

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