We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Washing Machine, serving the needs of the pharmaceutical industries. Our assortment of Bottle and Vial Washing Machines has extensive applications across industry verticals. Our provided washing machines has the best washing tools with the best specifications and features, as per required for the perfect washing of vials and ampoules.

Our wide ranging of products includes Offline or Semi-Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Tools, Automatic Linear Tunnel Type Bottle Washing Machine, Automatic External Vial Washing Machine, Automatic High-Speed Inverted Type Airjet Cleaning Instrument and Automatic High-Speed Inverted Type Airjet Cleaning Tools.

  Technical Specification:
Type  DAW-12  DAW-16
 No. of station  12  14
Receptacles  Ampoules, Vials, Injection ampoules and similar receptacles  100 to 150 Container   (Approx.)/min.
Max. Output / hour 18000 Receptacles   24000 Receptacles
Main electric motor (kW / hp)  0.75 / 1.0, 1440 rpm
  Re-circulating pump electric motor(kW / hp)  1.5/2.0, 2800 rpm
 Heating unit for recycling station (kW / hp) 10.0/13.5
H.F. generator (kW/hp)   0.3/ 0.4
Overall dimensions (cm)   207LX225WX145H

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